Breaking Through the Noise & Reaching Your Audience

We live in a world of increasing noise. The rise in access to the Internet (especially through the prevalence of mobile technology) has transformed the way we communicate, interact socially, and the way our economy runs. Consumers today are constantly forced to filter advertisements, communications, and information and must make split-second decisions of what they will give their attention to.

The measure of successful Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is found in the marketer’s ability to break through the noise and effectively reach the consumer. Emerging media platforms – including social media, websites, email, search engines, mobile technologies, videos, streaming media, and more – give professionals a toolbox of resources they can use to build engagement with their audience.

It is critical that marketing communications strategy focus on three key components:

  • Build content that adds value 
  • Connect in meaningful ways with your customers
  • Engage with your audience

This blog is dedicated to exploring best practices in new, emerging media and IMC, and will dive deeper into these points (along with other important discussion) in future blog posts. I hope you’ll join me in this exploration and discovery!

– Paul