About Paul

PRR PortraitI have always been fascinated with the intersection of marketing and communications. Over the course of my professional career, and as the field has seen tremendous change, I have driven myself to become proficient in these areas and to keep up with current trends in social media, digital content, and public relations.

Earlier this year, I followed my dream to pursue a graduate degree, and joined the online Master’s degree program in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) at West Virginia University. I am currently enrolled in a course titled, “Emerging Media and the Market”.

Emerging Media, for me, is possibly the single area in IMC where I envision the direction of my future career. I am thrilled with the opportunity for continuing to develop my skills and experience in these “new” media. Social networks, email marketing, blogging and microblogging, podcasts, etc. provide important opportunities for businesses and organizations to build brand community, connect with their customers & members, and create open conversation and participation in telling their story. The continual evolution of this field provides for compelling discussion and learning!

Other things I enjoy include:

  • spending time with family; I have 4 young children
  • amateur geocaching
  • running; I completed the St George Marathon in 2008 and 2011 (half-marathon has become my favorite distance)
  • all things related to the Norwegian language & culture; I lived in Norway for 2 yrs from 2003-2005 as an LDS missionary
  • ice cream, lots and lots of ice cream

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