Why I don’t use the term ‘Millennial’

When working on developing marketing strategy, I rarely use the term ‘millennial’ to refer to young adults ages 19-35. As a member of this supposed cohort, I don’t feel that the stereotypes that many associate with the term are respectful of the contribution that young people make in our society.

Believe it or not, our generation are not all entitled, distracted, and self-centered. Young adults are still valuable, contributing members of society. It might be convenient for demographers to group us into one neat and tidy category, but far too often I find the term to be over-generalizing and even patronizing of this young generation.

In an article for the World Economic Forum, author and blogger John Green wrote, “I cringe a little every time I see the word ‘millennial.’ I often hear complaints that young people are disinterested, or self-obsessed, that they prattle on incessantly on social media but that’s it all mere narcissism and naval-gazing. But that hasn’t been my experience.”

I believe the term ‘millennial’ has almost become derogatory, and unfairly characterizes a large and valuable segment of our society. You won’t find me using it very often.



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