Cabela’s: Fall in Love with Customers on Social [video from]

This blog post is the second in a two-part series. I wanted to briefly share with you some of the work that my friend Adam Buchanan (the guest-author of an earlier post on this blog) has been involved with as the Social Media Manager at outdoor-retailer Cabela’s. Adam recently spoke at the Member Meeting for about how his team at Cabela’s has turned around customer service using social media. I hope you enjoy his presentation:

Video from on Vimeo.

A couple of my favorite quotes from the video:

“Our customers love to hunt and fish, and they love to share their experiences with us. If they’re sharing really cool photos with us and we’re not responding, we might as well turn off our Facebook page, because that’s the opposite of social.”

“Breaking out of the box, getting that passion, and bringing it to the surface has been a huge key to our success.”

Cabela’s is a great example of how brands are effectively using emerging media platforms not only to engage with their customers in telling the brand message, but also to help resolve customer service issues. Companies who are listen to their customers using social media, are able to build better relationships of trust with those customers and improve brand loyalty.

Click here to download the slide presentation in this video.

Follow Adam Buchanan on Twitter at @adam_buchanan


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