Digital Marketing Resources for Continuous Development

The most successful professionals are always reading and learning about the latest trends in their field. Marketing and communications is no different. (In fact, it could be argued with the rapidly-changing media landscape, it is vital that the IMC professional always be learning and developing). Leadership coach Brian Tracy said:

“One quality of leaders and high achievers in every area seems to be a commitment to ongoing personal and professional development. They look upon themselves as self-made people, as “works in progress.” They never become complacent or satisfied. They are always striving toward ever greater heights of knowledge and understanding.”

Below are some of the IMC resources that I have benefitted from. These are a few of the places I frequently visit to learn more about social media marketing, blogging, and digital marketing:

Image credit: City of Pullman, WA

Buffer Social Blog: Thoughts on sharing, creating, analyzing and converting with social media.

Simply Measured:

Hootsuite Media:

Quick Sprout:

 Jay Baer – Convince & Convert:

I would love to hear from you in a comment below – what resources would you add to this list?


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